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The wedding of Adelicia and Kyle McDonald, can only be summarized as a rustic fairy tale. The event was tucked away in the fold of a southern Colorado mountain, and while autumn leaves danced their way through the slow breeze, the lovely bride and groom exchanged their "I do's". A quiet sense of togetherness weaved it's way through the small gathering, and carried through the ceremony, punctuating itself with an eruption of cheers when Kyle and Addie shared the kiss that sealed their marriage. I told you... sounds like a fairy tale right? 


As a producer, it's truly an honor to bask in the love shared by a couple like this. As outsiders, it gives us an insight of what real love looks like in a captured image. It's safe to say, even though the moment is much better when it's lived, the captured remains are catalysts for reliving those frozen moments of time, and if anything, they are great for a shared smile or two. Kyle and Adelicia gave all of us plenty to look on as a reference of what wedding bliss looks like, and in their journey together moving forward, all of us would like to say, "thank you ,and good luck!"

-Colby Joe Hunt

Lead Producer • TRIBE83 Media Productions

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