Created by lead producer, Colby Joe Hunt, TRIBE83 Media Productions is a growing, Denver based, team of creatives who've banned together with one mission in mind. 

To create a passionate, and dedicated team with a customer first mindset. Hard working, smart and together with pride, we are committed to creating captivating visuals for the creatively inclined.

We specialize in still photography and video production, but our passion for media creation spills seamlessly into graphic design and production consulting.

Whether it's stunning photography, captivating video production or powerful graphic design, we're ready to create something unbelievable with you!



From the 'yes' to the "I do", we've got your engagement and wedding day covered! 


We offer wedding video and photo services to help you capture every moment of your unforgettable day.

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Over the years we've developed a reputation as one of Colorado's best up-and-coming creative groups. Scroll down to see some of the work that's brought us this far.

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Then what are you waiting for? Click on any of the tabs below to dive deeper into our specific libraries, or feel free to skip the scrolling, and contact us right away!


Submitting an inquiry means you both enjoy our work and would like to see if we can work together. This doesn't mean we are bonded forever as soon as you hit, "SUBMIT". If you really want to move forward, make sure you are willing to have fun, get a little crazy, and are willing to go on an adventure. Of course, these are just some of our guidelines to have fun with photography, so move forward at your own risk!

TRIBE 83 Media Productions is a Colorado based multimedia production group that most often photographs locally. From Denver, Colorado Springs and small mountain towns like Alamosa, La Jara and everywhere in between. However, traveling out of our typical service range isn't out of our wheelhouse so don't let a map stand in the way of your creativity.


Whether it's stunning photography, captivating video production, or powerful graphic design we look forward to creating something unbelievable with you!

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Phone: 719.580.1904